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At MidFar, we are a professional dedicated DMC partner for all your events, meetings, FITs, leisure groups and incentives in Morocco.
Morocco, a country of warm colours, noise and smells, with dancers, fire-eaters, acrobats, snake charmers, belly dancers and story tellers. The King cities of Morocco, Fes (one of the largest walled in cities), Rabat (where the king lives),  Marrakech, Meknes.....just the names of these cities conjure up a hint of spice in the warm air. Picture palace restaurants with bubbling water fountains, rose petals scattered on table cloths; waterpipes with bubbly smells, mosaic tiled walls, where people still travel by donkey through the cities and the bustling souks invite passing strangers to buy silver jewelry and hand-woven carpets. This fantastically varied destination is a truly stunning setting for incentives, groups and events.

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Travel facts Morocco

Currency Dirham
Language Moroccan Arabic, but French is widely spoken
Local time GMT (London) - 1.00hours
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Travel to Morocco
Travel to Morocco

Program idea Morocco

Waky Marrakech
The Waky is a nautical ski lift installed on an artificial lake south of Marrakech, on the site of the "Gardens of the Atlas".
The lake has been specially designed for water skiing and wakeboarding by Francis Koot.

A lagoon at the foot of the Atlas, dedicated to towed water sports: Water skiing, wake boarding, Wake skate!